The Film School You Never Had


To empower writers and emerging artists by providing an education pipeline program that nurtures creativity and skill development. We are committed to creating opportunities in Hollywood that value collaboration, creativity, and authentic storytelling.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving Asian American community shaping a diverse film industry. Strong Asian Lead is a sanctuary for creativity and collaboration, breaking barriers to Hollywood. 


Through education, we nurture Asian American talents in writing, acting, and filmmaking. Our goal is to foster production companies, enhance studio communication, and humanize our stories as part of the American narrative.

The Film School You Never Had

Welcome to Strong Asian Lead, the leading Asian-American film school where education is our foundation and community our strength.

In a Hollywood landscape increasingly enriched by our culture and storytelling, we stand as a beacon of creativity and collaboration. We are here to hone your skills, fuel your passion, and empower you to break barriers, fostering a future where Asian American voices resonate as an integral part of the American narrative.

Our Values

1. Education

We champion the unsung legacies of Asian-American filmmakers, providing resources and hosting Legacy Screenings to inspire future creators.

2. Community

 Our monthly networking events in Los Angeles foster a tight-knit community, sparking both professional opportunities and lasting friendships.

3. Guidance

We empower aspiring creators through script audits, career consultations, and a growing mentorship program. We help you succeed faster. 

Asian Americans in Media

Our emphasis is on the Asian American narrative, a unique and complex tapestry distinct from the broader Asian context. This distinction is crucial as Asian contributions to American cinema have historically been overlooked or minimized. We shine a spotlight on both mainstream and independent films of the past century, celebrating and illuminating the rich legacies of Asians in Hollywood. Through our work, we strive to recognize and uplift these important voices and stories from the annals of American cinematic history.

Inclusive Spaces

We are more than just a school; we are a vibrant, inclusive space fostering mutual understanding and respect. We celebrate the diversity within our community, embracing Asians of all descents and backgrounds. This includes Pacific Islanders, Native Hawaiians, mixed-identity individuals, adoptees, people with disabilities, and individuals across all gender identities and expressions. 

While our emphasis is on the Asian-American experience, we warmly welcome allies eager to learn about our community.

By immersing yourself in our narrative films and entertainment, you will encounter the Asian-American perspective up close and personal. Join us as we bridge cultural gaps and build a rich tapestry of shared experiences through the power of cinema.

Our Programs

  1. Script Ninja Writing Program: Our Script Ninja Writing Program offers Asian writers a platform to hone their craft, engage with industry professionals, and gain valuable feedback, fostering the development of authentic and compelling stories.

  2. Legacy Screening Series: Our Legacy Screening Series showcases films that have been influential in shaping Asian representation in media, promoting meaningful discussions and inspiring the next generation of Asian creatives.

  3. Directory: Through our membership program, we cultivate a strong community of passionate Asian professionals in the entertainment industry, offering exclusive access to resources, networking events, and opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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Be inspired by classic Asian American films. Research talent. Find cast, crew and creatives.