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The Film School You Never Had

Our mission is simple but multifaceted:

  1. We illuminate the rich history of Asians in American Hollywood cinema, journeying from past to present.

  2. We foster the future of Asian American filmmaking through a robust mentorship program and practical resources.

  3. We host networking events, building a vibrant, inclusive community for everyone interested in film, from industry veterans to cinema lovers.

At Strong Asian Lead, everyone has a chance to learn and contribute to the evolving narrative of Asian American cinema. Join us as we celebrate and shape the future of this dynamic sector. 


Empower Asian American storytellers by providing mentorship, cinema education, and advocacy in the Hollywood and entertainment industry so they have the confidence to create films and media that fully represent our diverse community. 

OUR Vision

Imagine a thriving Asian American community collaboratively shaping a vibrant, diverse film industry that humanizes our stories as part of the American narrative.


To foster a more inclusive representation of Asian American stories and talent in the American entertainment industry through mentorship, cinema history education, and arts advocacy. 

How We Do It

  1. Thousand Lanterns Initiative: We empower aspiring Asian filmmakers by pairing talented Asian professionals with experienced mentors in the entertainment industry, facilitating guidance, support, and opportunities for career advancement.

  2. Script Ninja Writing Program: Our Script Ninja Writing Program offers Asian writers a platform to hone their craft, engage with industry professionals, and gain valuable feedback, fostering the development of authentic and compelling stories.

  3. Legacy Screening Series: Our Legacy Screening Series showcases films that have been influential in shaping Asian representation in media, promoting meaningful discussions and inspiring the next generation of Asian creatives.

  4. Membership: Through our membership program, we cultivate a strong community of passionate Asian professionals in the entertainment industry, offering exclusive access to resources, networking events, and opportunities for growth and collaboration.

What We Do


Discover a Century of Asians in American Cinema.

Career Development

Make a plan. Set your goals. Take the next step in your career.


Empowering creatives through mentorship, collaboration, and industry representation.

Founded March 2020

Mas Moriya and Emi Lea Kamemoto begin conversations about DE&I for AAPIs in entertainment.

Our 3 hour zoom calls twice a week turned into an activism instagram account and inclusion webinars.

Emi Lea Kamemoto in a white shirt with straight hair, and Mas Moriya with a musctache in a black button up over a read shirt that reads, it's an honor just to be asian.

March 2020

Clubhouse Conversations

With a website and an instagram account, Strong Asian Lead gains interest holding community audio rooms, holding space.

Our first break into public interest.

Clubhouse rooms that read History of Asian Americans in Hollywood and Hollywood loved aisans, but not asian americans.

Listen to ArchiveDecember 2020


Turned our zoom calls into a podcast, holding discussions with actors in the industry and diving into diversity of AAPIs in Film & TV. A japanese American with a mustache in a black shirt with books on the wall behind him

Listen NowJanuary 2020

Tableread - Fundraising

Held a tableread contest for screenwriters to have their screenplays read for a fundraiser.

We raised our first $7,000 thanks to the help of virtual writers group. 

Table read flyer from 2021 with Lee Shortong, Hymson Chan and Pauline Tanaka

Read MoreApril 2020

Platform Launch

After all the hard work, it was a surprisingly smooth public launch. We're still working on it, but so far it's doing well!

screenshot of strong asian lead membership site

Read MoreFebruary 2022

In-Person Meetups

Hosting our first in-person meetup at the Peking Tavern in DTLA for a 100 Year celebration of AAPI Cinema during AAPI Heritage Month.

Five happy people taking a group photo

Read MoreMay 2022

First In-Person Panel

Produced a panel discussion with Karen Tran Wood, Feliz Bahmanpour, and Travis Atreo at the Terasaki Budokan in DTLA. Sponsored by Makku, Drunk Fruit, Moshi. Food provided by Aloha Cafe. 

Four Asian Americans on stage in an outdoor venue with a TV Graphic behind them and trees

Read MoreAugust 2022

Official 501(c)(3) status

After 2.5 years of hard work, we officially become a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. 

November 2022

Legacy Screening Series

An in-person screening series of classic Asian American film from the past century. Our screening have featured 'Chan is Missing' (1982) and upcoming Flower Drum Song (1961).

Read MoreMarch, 2023

Thousand Lanterns Initiative

A new micro-mentorship for emerging artists. 

Read MoreMa 2023

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