Our mission is build community through


Strong Asian Lead is a small nonprofit with a big vision; build a community of creatives and executives of Asian Pacific descent so that we build collective power within ourselves and uplift our own stories. 

Pillars of Success


We celebrate the Asian American legacies and trailblazers of our industry. Those who came before us paved the way for us to have the resources and talents that we have now decades before it was in the mainstream pop culture. We do this by watching classic movies, interviewing those still with us, and uplifting their successes. 


We believe in educating on how to break into the industry without having to win contests and fellowships. There’s more than one way to get a job, manager, agent, or film credit and we give our members the tools and education to do that by hosting panels, creating workshops, and providing career guidance. 


We bring people together by holding networking events and meetups. This creates a community of creative and executive Asian Pacifics who come together on a regular basis to build personal and collaborative relationships.


Hollywood is a subjective industry built on a foundation of stereotypes and misconceptions. The voices of the Asian American community are tired of not being heard and yet there was a lack of dedicated programs geared towards the needs of the film and screenwriting community. With roots in activism, Strong Asian Lead is a different way to take on the industry through solution oriented grassroots organizing. 


Our Vision is for Asian American diasporic stories to be written, produced, and
directed by Asian Americans so that on screen representation is authentic in
both casting and storytelling so that audiences understand and relate to the
Asain American experience.

Strong Asian Lead will be a part of a changing industry that no longer says, “Asian stories don’t sell” and where Asian characters are no longer white-washed or replaced.


At first, breaking into the industry as an Asian American seemed impossible. We wanted to discover the systemic barriers troubling the Hollywood industry. When we found them, we knew a solution had to become a reality. After meeting many great new friends and a few rough starts, Strong Asian Lead is now a young startup nonprofit, developing the next generation.

– Masami Moriya 

Founder, Strong Asian Lead