The Significance of Asian American

The Distinction Matters Asian vs. Asian American

At Strong Asian Lead, we consciously use the term “Asian American” to emphasize the unique experiences, challenges, and contributions of Asians in the United States. This is not just a matter of semantics; it’s a crucial distinction that impacts how we understand identity, culture, and representation.

Why "Asian American" Not Just "Asian"?

The term “Asian” is often used broadly to describe people from the continent of Asia, which is incredibly diverse, encompassing a wide range of cultures, languages, and histories. However, “Asian American” specifically refers to the experiences of those who are either born in, or have immigrated to, the United States. According to data, 34% of Asian Americans are born in the United States (source). This group has a distinct culture and upbringing that differ significantly from Asians who were born and raised in Asia.

The Power of a Unified Identity

We understand that the term “Asian American” encompasses a vast array of experiences, cultures, and histories. However, we also recognize the power of a unified identity, especially when it comes to representation in Hollywood and the broader American narrative. By rallying around a single term, we can present a united front, making it easier for the rest of the world to understand and appreciate the richness of our collective experience.

Inclusion Not Exclusion

It’s crucial to clarify that our use of “Asian American” is not meant to exclude any subgroup within the broader Asian diaspora. Our focus is on the specific identity of being Asians in America, which includes all of the Asian diaspora and their unique identities. We are fully aware that the Asian American experience is not monolithic and varies greatly depending on a multitude of factors, including ethnicity, nationality, and personal experience.

The Practicality of Language

While we would love to acknowledge every individual identity in every conversation, it’s not always practical. Language is a tool, but it can also be cumbersome. If we were to list every subgroup each time we spoke about our community, we would risk diluting our message and losing the attention of those we are trying to reach.

The Path Forward: Unity in Diversity

We believe that unity does not mean uniformity. We can stand together under the umbrella term “Asian American” while also celebrating the incredible diversity within our community. Once we have the world’s attention, we can then educate them on the nuances and individual identities that make our community so wonderfully diverse.

In summary, our use of “Asian American” is a strategic choice aimed at maximizing impact, fostering unity, and promoting a more inclusive narrative. It’s not about exclusion; it’s about effective communication and collective empowerment.

The Paradox: Celebrated Abroad, Neglected at Home

In the world of cinema, Asian films and filmmakers often receive international acclaim. From the sweeping epics of Akira Kurosawa to the groundbreaking works of Bong Joon-ho, Asian cinema has a storied history of critical and commercial success. Yet, when it comes to Hollywood, the representation and understanding of “Asian American” experiences remain woefully inadequate.


Why "Asian American" is a Crucial Focus

This discrepancy is why Strong Asian Lead emphasizes the “Asian American” identity. We aim to spotlight the unique experiences, stories, and perspectives of Asians living in America, whether they are U.S.-born or immigrants. The term “Asian American” encapsulates a rich tapestry of experiences that are often overshadowed by the broader, more generalized term “Asian.”

Inclusion of Immigrant Experiences

If you’re an Asian living in America, your story matters to us. We value the immigrant experience as a vital part of the Asian American narrative. Immigrants bring with them a wealth of cultural richness that adds depth and complexity to what it means to be “Asian American.

The Need for Specificity in Representation

The lack of nuanced “Asian American” representation in Hollywood isn’t just an oversight; it’s a disservice to a community rich in diversity and stories worth telling. By focusing on the “Asian American” identity, we can begin to fill this gap, offering a more complete picture of the multifaceted experiences of Asians in America.


The Way Forward

Our mission at Strong Asian Lead is to correct this imbalance. We strive to bring the “Asian American” narrative to the forefront of Hollywood storytelling, advocating for a more nuanced, informed, and inclusive understanding of what it means to be Asian in America. By doing so, we not only enrich the media landscape but also provide a platform for a community whose stories have long deserved to be told.

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