Code of Conduct

Building community means asking what can we do together. 

What does it mean to be apart of the Strong Asian Lead community?

Here are 11 basic codes of conduct in our spaces and outside our spaces. (June 2022)

  • Everyone is equal in our spaces.

    No one person’s credits, lack of credits, followers, financial status, or job position is better or more important than the other.

  • Allyship welcomed.

    If you don't identify with Asian/Pacific we ask that you give space for those that do and listen and learn from the Asian/Pacifics.

  • Everyone's story and opinions matter.

    Each of our members has a story to tell, either about themselves, a fictional character, or of someone else. No one has the right to tell you that your story doesn’t matter, nor do you have the right to tell someone else their story doesn’t matter or can’t be done. 

  • This is a safe space.

    This is a space for Asian Pacifics to both express themselves authentically and feel empowered to take lead in conversations.

  • Ask more questions than explaining.

    Before you ask someone for a favor, you must offer what you can do for them.

  • Take space, leave space.

    Talk about yourself. Ask about them. Listen. Ask more questions. Listen more.

  • Offer/share resources and advice.

    This is a space where members ask how they can help, offer advice, or tangible actions more than asking for support, money, and/or services.

  • Be human. Treat others as humans.

    Be a human looking to connect. Don’t be a walking advertisement for yourself. 

  • Don't sell yourself, share about yourself.

    No one likes to be sold to, but everyone is interested in a good origin story.

  • Offer favors more than asking for a favor.

    Before you ask someone for a favor, you must offer what you can do for them. If you have nothing to offer, you may not ask them to do something for you. 3. This includes reading scripts, watching short films, or being put in touch with their contacts. That person can offer, but you may not ask. Not a rule, just good etiquette.

  • Be helpful, not judgemental.

    Volunteering is a good way to build trust and relationships.

  • Racism, colorism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and other isms will not be tolerated.

Anyone violating the code of conduct will be asked to leave.

If you experience an unpleasant or uncomfortable encounter with a guest who attends our event, it is your responsibility to report it to Masami, or any one of our volunteer staff. 

It is preferred to have a witness or second opinion confirm these actions, but is not a requirment.

This person in question will be confronted by Masami or Staff and spoken to firmly. This will be their first discussion and warning. We believe in second chances if there was a misunderstanding or moment of poor judgment. This is your first “CALL IN”

If that person returns to another event and more people have the same or similar issue with this person, our attendees will be publicly notified of this person and that person will be confronted again and asked to leave and will not be invited back. 

We call them out publicly because we believe in holding people accountable for their actions and it is the responsibility of the community to keep each other safe. 

By working together, we can keep our spaces safe and continue our public events. If we as a community decide not to hold people accountable and keep our spaces safe, then Strong Asian Lead will no longer create in-person events and it will become an exclusive invite-only arrangement. We don’t want to do that, but that’s what it will become if we as a community cannot keep our spaces safe and inclusive. 

Our Meetups Are...


If you are ever in a position at our events where you feel uncomfortable with a person or in a situation, we encourage your and ask that you find our leaders or hosts of the events and notify them of the situation so that we can make sure that person is spoken to and taken care of. If that person continues to be a problem, then they will be asked to leave our events and physically kicked out if they continue to show up. 

You always have the power to handle these things yourself, but we will always be available to assist you with these issue and step in, especially when there is more than one instance of uncomfortable safe space.