Strong Asian Lead provides free and affordable resources for creatives to grow and sustain their careers. Please consider donating to our crowdfunding. Your donation will go towards supporting our general operating costs and our monthly meetups. For us, it’s more about the encouragement and support than it is about the dollar amount. Keep our spirits up by donating any amount. No dollar, yen, peso, or frank is too small.


Strong Asian Lead amplifies the creative power of the Asian diaspora in entertainment, holds workshops on media activism, shares a platform for artists to tell their stories, and provides actionable resources to elevate their careers.

Strong Asian Lead holds Hollywood to a higher standard of proper and equitable representation, up and down the production line.

From cast and casting to writers and executives, Hollywood needs the Asian diaspora championing and taking license of their own stories. Our goal starts with keeping studios accountable for discrimination and stereotypical depiction of Asia.

Many have come before us and have paved the way for the Asian Hollywood we see today.

We plan on creating a community for our leaders and activists to stand together as a force for change. We are no longer just asking for acceptance or begging for inclusion. We are challenging Hollywood – stand with us and have your voice heard.

  • Monthly Meetups

    • Connecting the community through in-person and virtual events. 

  • Mentorship

    • Pair emerging talent with mentors to bring up the next generation as we all continue to grow. Everyone has a chance to be a mentor and be mentored.

  • Partnerships


    • Working with allied communities of all identities, we want to build bridges and partnerships with great organizations who come with great attitudes. Together we rise. 
    • Connect Studios directly with Asian communities to facilitate community based solutions to a growing marketplace.

    • Develop a strategy with the Asian American community for targeted advertisements and cater to an under-served market.

  • Podcasting and Marketing

    • We would love to resume our podcast, but this is an extra expense. Podcasting take many hands to have it done properly. We can only do this if we have enough fundraising.