Meet Your Fellow Creatives!


Breaking into the industry feels impossible unless you’ve won a fellowship or gained thousands of followers. From  private screenings, red carpets, and hidden networking events, there are so many aspects of the entertainment industry that feel gate kept from the next generation of storytellers.

We aim to be different.

At our events, everyone is allowed to be apart of our community. You don’t have to win a contest, be a celebrity, or have made your first feature film. As long as you’re interested in the Asian Pacific entertainment industry, and abide by our general code of conduct, you’re welcome into our spaces.


We’ve created a series of meetups for everyone to enjoy and meet other Asian Pacifics in the industry. Our goal is for a monthly, or semi-monthly, meetup of AANHPI creatives and executives. Yes, there’s networking involved, but we focus on relationship and community building through fun and engaging events. Our events are open to the public and we’ll accommodate as many people as our venue safely allows. 

As filmmakers and storytellers ourselves, we understand that a healthy community of creatives means supporting one another, no matter the status of their work. Yes, it’s great to have won something, but it feels awful to continuously get rejected year after year without support on how to improve your work or not get invited to events to meet others in the industry. That’s not community, that’s elitism. 

We want to create a safe space for everyone to have a good time, make connections, and meet new people outside our usual circles. 

Our Meetups Are...

Code of Conduct

Building community means asking what can we do together. 

What does it mean to be apart of the Strong Asian Lead community?

Here are 11 basic codes of conduct in our spaces and outside our spaces. (June 2022)

  • Everyone is equal in our spaces.

    No one person’s credits, lack of credits, followers, financial status, or job position is better or more important than the other.

  • Allyship welcomed.

    If you don't identify with Asian/Pacific we ask that you give space for those that do and listen and learn from the Asian/Pacifics.

  • Everyone's story and opinions matter.

    Each of our members has a story to tell, either about themselves, a fictional character, or of someone else. No one has the right to tell you that your story doesn’t matter, nor do you have the right to tell someone else their story doesn’t matter or can’t be done. 

  • This is a safe space.

    This is a space for Asian Pacifics to both express themselves authentically and feel empowered to take lead in conversations.

  • Ask more questions than explaining.

    Before you ask someone for a favor, you must offer what you can do for them.

  • Take space, leave space.

    Talk about yourself. Ask about them. Listen. Ask more questions. Listen more.

  • Offer/share resources and advice.

    This is a space where members ask how they can help, offer advice, or tangible actions more than asking for support, money, and/or services.

  • Be human. Treat others as humans.

    Be a human looking to connect. Don’t be a walking advertisement for yourself. 

  • Don't sell yourself, share about yourself.

    No one likes to be sold to, but everyone is interested in a good origin story.

  • Offer favors more than asking for a favor.

    Before you ask someone for a favor, you must offer what you can do for them. If you have nothing to offer, you may not ask them to do something for you. 3. This includes reading scripts, watching short films, or being put in touch with their contacts. That person can offer, but you may not ask. Not a rule, just good etiquette.

  • Be helpful, not judgemental.

    Volunteering is a good way to build trust and relationships.

  • Racism, colorism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and other isms will not be tolerated.

Anyone violating the code of conduct will be asked to leave.

When is our next event?

After our first successful event, we’re working towards are next in-person event. Please stay subscribed for updates and we’ll let you know when then next one in. 

Most likely it’ll be in Los Angeles, sometime in July 2022.