Strong Asian Lead's 2023 Financial Statements

At Strong Asian Lead, we believe in complete transparency. That’s why each year, we make our annual financial statements available to the public. Not only is this a requirement for our non-profit as we apply for grants, but we also believe it’s crucial for our supporters to see how well we’re doing.

We’re excited to announce that our annual financial statements for 2023 are now available. This year, like every other, we are committed to providing a clear, comprehensive report of our financial performance.

The 2023 financial statements include the following:

  • Income Statements: A comprehensive overview of our revenues, costs, and net income for the year.

  • Yearly Budget: An itemized list of our costs per year that we currently have. 

We are incredibly proud of the growth and advancement we have experienced this year at Strong Asian Lead. Our efforts to empower, enlighten, and inspire Asian American creatives have yielded positive results, which we invite you to view in our financial statements.

By sharing these statements, we hope to reaffirm our commitment to openness and demonstrate the impact of your support. Every dollar we receive helps us further our mission, and we want you to see how your contributions are making a difference.

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Our founder, Mas Moriya, has dedicated countless hours to keep Strong Asian Lead afloat, volunteering his time to perform numerous roles. Our budget shows costs associated with positions like a producer, CEO, director, and event planner – roles that Mas fulfills single-handedly. Out of our total budget of around $60,000, Mas has generously contributed $54,000 to maintain our operations.

Despite the challenges, our goal remains unchanged: to serve our community and provide our services freely whenever possible. While our events currently operate at a loss, we aim to make all of them free to our members someday, but we’re not quite there yet.

We are constantly seeking volunteers to help alleviate the workload and grow our organization. Although many realize the responsibilities involved are indeed equivalent to a full-time job, we remain hopeful for committed individuals to join our cause.

This level of financial transparency might seem raw and daunting, but we hope it serves as an eye-opener and maybe even an inspiration. It sheds light on the reality of managing a non-profit organization and shows how passion can drive a mission even in challenging circumstances.

Despite our current financial instability, we remain steadfast and grateful. Your continued support and encouragement fuel our resilience, and we firmly believe that with community effort and successful grant applications, we can reach sustainability.

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We welcome your questions or feedback regarding our financial statements. Please feel free to contact our team at or visit our contact page for further information.

Thank you for your continued faith and support. Your belief in Strong Asian Lead allows us to keep striving, innovating, and expanding, regardless of any setbacks. We look forward to another year of growth and progress together.

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