Who We Are

Strong Asian Lead is a thriving educational hub for Asian American storytellers. We emphasize collaboration over competition, providing emerging artists with the mentorship and tools they need to excel. Our workshops, classes, and opportunities nurture creativity and pave a path into Hollywood.

Our Commitment

We believe in the power of diverse voices and are committed to fostering a space where talents can learn and grow. Join us in shaping a vibrant, inclusive future that celebrates and elevates our rich cultural heritage in the entertainment industry.

  • September 6, 2023 - Los Angeles

    Thanks for Attending the Picket Party

    Donate $5 to fuel the future of Asian American storytelling. 

  • Education

    Script Ninja Writing Program

    Break into Hollywood without script competitions. 

  • Legacy Screening Series

    Watch the legacies and milestones of Asian American Hollywood cinema.

  • K-AI-Zen Hollywood

    Master AI tools for Hollywood success.

  • Membership

    Networking, events, and screenings. 

Breaking Into Hollywood

With insider tips and expert advice, we can help you navigate the competitive world of Hollywood and achieve success in your career.

Networking Events

Build community with your fellow creatives in an inclusive and relaxed environment. 


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