An in-person retrospective of Asian Pacific Americans in film and television.

Chan is Missing (1982) Go For Broke (1951) The Crimson Kimono (1959) Walk Like a Dragon (1960) Bridge To The Sun (1961) Twilight Zone "The Encounter" (1964) The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk (1967) Year of the Dragon (1975) Ohara (1987-1988) All American Girl (1994) Joy Luck Club (1993) Jungle Book (1942) Fakin' Da Funk (1997) The Cheat (1915) The Man Beneath (1919) Phantom of Chinatown (1940) Flower Drum Song (1961) They Call Me Bruce (1982) The Wash (1988) Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) Double Happiness (1995) Visas and Virtue (1997) Life Tastes Good (1999)  The Motel (2005) Smashing Stereotypes (2005) Ping Pong Playa (2007) Today’s Special (2009)

From Margins to Mainstream

Every other month, Strong Asian Lead will host an in-person screening of a classic Asian American film spanning the last century. We will delve into the rich history of Asian American representation in Hollywood and the challenges they overcame while enjoying the cinematic experience of watching movies on the big screen.

Miyoshi Umeki winning Best Supporting Actress (1958)

Legacy Trailblazers

Examining the experiences of the past can help us understand the challenges faced towards creating a more inclusive and representative industry.

What We'll Cover

100+ Years of APA Motion Picture

Watch and explore the legacies of our community perform at their peak years. 

Television & Web Series

Series, sitcoms, and reoccurring roles. We’ll discuss the shows that succeeded, shows that flopped, and the internet revolution of the Youtube Generation


Ground breaking documentaries highlighting the Asian American community through the eyes of Asian Americans.

Hollywood History

Explore a range of topics including portrayals in early Hollywood films and television, the rise of Asian American independent cinema, and the current state of the industry .

James Shigeta Highlights

Guy Aoki vs. Sarah Silverman on “Politically Incorrect” (2001)

Entertainment Activism

We will also discuss the role of activism and advocacy in creating change within the industry, and consider ways in which we can all work towards a more equitable and diverse future for Asian American filmmakers and actors.​

Television Highlights

From Saturday morning cartoons and sitcoms to daytime police dramas, we'll dive into leading characters, sidekicks, and comedic clowns who made us laugh and cry.

Special Interview with Thuy Tran (Power Rangers)

From Margins to Mainstream

Join us as we explore the rich history and landscape of Asian American cinema, and consider the ways in which we can use the past to shape a brighter future.



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Be inspired by vintage content, archived interviews, and industry data. 

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