A Japanese American pointing to the strong asian lead logo on his seater

Masami 'Mas' Moriya

President & Founder

Mas (he/him) is an Asian American Media Inclusion Consultant. He helps big studios develop the niche and nuance audience that is Asian Americana. He is also the founder of Strong Asian Lead, a nonprofit collective of AAPIs in film and entertainment. 

Born in SoCal, Mas moved to New York where he began his career as an independent filmmaker and photographer for Alicia Keys. He then created a short-lived nonprofit for photographers who helped other nonprofits document their actions and protests. 

When Mas came into his Asian American identity as a Japanese American, he returned to his roots as a screenwriter to tell the story of the Japanese American Internment during WWII. He moved back to Los Angeles to re-kindle his filmmaking career. In classic Hollywood fashion, Mas started 2020 as an art department production assistant. 

After the lockdown closed Hollywood, he had an abundance of time on his hands to continue screenwriting. During this time, Strong Asian Lead was born our of his partnership with Emi Lea Kamemoto. What started out as an educational instagram about Asian American activist leaders and history has quickly turned into a scalable resource database for Asian Americans in film and television. 

Mas continues to grow and make his way through the industry in a non-standard method taking Strong Asian Lead to studio executives while simultaneously continuing his screenwriting career.

Other affiliations:

AGENT: Prestigious Powerhouse

MANAGER: James Smith @ Aaron Kogan Managment

Go For Broke National Education CenterKizuna Board Fellow