Layman’s Terms Summary:

Hey there! In simple terms, our data policy is all about using some of the info you share with us to help grow our community and understand how diverse and awesome we are. We’re talking about stuff like your background, what part of the industry you work in, and other details that don’t personally identify you (like your name or email). We share this with research buddies like Nielsen and The Asian American Foundation, but it’s all anonymous. We promise not to sell your personal contact details. This is all about making our community better and keeping things affordable for you!

Detailed Data Policy:

Strong Asian Lead Comprehensive Data Policy

Welcome to the Strong Asian Lead family! Your trust and privacy are paramount to us. This detailed data policy outlines how we use, protect, and handle the information you share with us.

1. Purpose of Data Collection:

  • Community Insight: We collect demographic data such as ethnicity, professional department, identities (like sexual orientation, refugee or immigration status), to understand the diversity within our community. This helps us tailor our resources and support to better serve you.
  • Industry Research: In partnership with organizations like Nielsen and The Asian American Foundation, we use this data to conduct research aimed at enhancing representation and diversity in the entertainment industry.

2. What We Share and With Whom:

  • Aggregated Data: We only share data in an aggregated, anonymized form. This means we combine information from many members to create a big picture without revealing individual identities.
  • Research Partners: Our trusted partners, including research organizations and advocacy groups, receive this aggregated data to conduct meaningful studies and initiatives.

3. Privacy and Security:

  • No Personal Identifiers: Your personal contact information, including name and email, is never shared for these purposes.
  • Voluntary Participation: You have control over the information you provide. Our platform allows you to adjust what data you’re comfortable sharing.
  • Robust Data Protection: We employ advanced security measures to safeguard your information against unauthorized access and data breaches.

4. Member Benefits:

  • Tailored Experience: The insights gained from this data help us create a more personalized and relevant experience for you.
  • Community Growth: Your data contributes to a larger understanding of Asian American representation in the industry, supporting advocacy and inclusivity efforts.
  • Cost Efficiency: This approach assists us in keeping membership costs affordable while continuously improving our offerings.

5. Updating Our Policy:

  • We’re committed to staying transparent. If there are any changes to how we handle data, we’ll let you know right away.

6. Your Role and Rights:

  • As a member of our community, your data plays a crucial role in our collective story. You have the right to understand, control, and question how your data is used.

For further details or inquiries about our data policy, please contact us at

Thank you for being a vital part of our journey. Together, we’re making waves in championing Asian American stories in entertainment.