Script Audit

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Script Audit and Annotations (1-week)

If you’re writing scripts, submitting for contests, made the Red list, but haven’t made it past the finalists or getting meetings with managers, then our script audits are for you. We’ll take your script for a read and give you unbiased feedback and clear direction. 

What you’ll receive

  • Annotated pages – Grammar, clarity, efficiency, cultural sensitivity/accuracy, story structure
  • Live Feedback – 30min to 1 hour zoom session Reviewing your script and discussing annotations
  • And Pitched Ideas – If you allow me to pitch, I’ll give you my pitch for changes. Take ’em or leave ’em.

Additional information

Script Type

Up to 20 pages and 30 minute Phone call, 40 pages & 30 minute phone call, 60-90 pages and 1 hour phone call

Size Chart

Note: [disclaimer here...]

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