Professional Photography

Turn your hobby into a career

Make Photography Work for You

Recently an interest in photography has swept the world. More and more people are taking up the hobby, but not all of them know how to make a living off of it. But with the right tools and knowledge you can turn your hobby into a career. This course will show you how to get your foot in the door, starting out as a freelancer and then moving on to become a professional photographer. You'll be shown what equipment is necessary, how to find work, and how to price your services appropriately. 

Photo like a Pro

This workshop is designed for photographers that want to turn their hobby into a profession. You will learn how to find, secure, and keep clients in this course. You will also learn how to charge your clients, how to get the most out of your time, and more.


What you’ll receive

Five weeks of 2 hour sessions with me over zoom to look at your career as it is, where you want to go, and a game plan to get there. 


You might think you know a lot, but what we’ll go over is everything the gear heads aren’t telling you, how to book gigs.  


We’ll work together to assign you weekly homework so that you have the chance to practice what you’re learning in class. 

Portfolio Review

We’ll take a look at your portfolio and see if it’s showing off your best work or hindering you from booking your next client. 

Marketing Guidance

We will look at your entire online presence and find our what will be the best method for you to gain clients and how to make them come back to you for their next photography needs. 

I'm your Photo Coach

I started out my career making films, but I quickly learned that photography was an easily learnable skillset. The hard part was learning how to present myself as a photography and how to do business and repeat clients.

I've been featured in  The Guardian , NY Times, and had my own nonprofit, Rogue Photo.

Anyone can teach you photography, but I can teach you to be a photographer. Do you know the difference?

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Mas Moriya, Japanese American photographer with a canon dslr 5dmkiii in red shoes and red bandana

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