A personal script audit program for Pilot and Feature length screenwriters.

Get a professional pair of eyes

This program is designed to help you break through your creative blocks and see your script from an outside perspective and develop a clear strategy for moving forward with your next draft. We’ve helped dozens of screenwriters feel confident in their projects. Now it's your turn!

A fighting chance

As writers, reading your own script over and over again can be tedious, and getting notes from friends can lead to biased or soft feedback. We want to give you honest and thorough notes on your script. Page-by-page annotations, over the phone counseling, and long term career development.


If you’re writing scripts, submitting for contests, made the Red list, but haven’t made it past the finalists or getting meetings with managers, then our script audits are for you. 

Well take your script for a read and give you unbiased feedback and clear direction. 

What you’ll receive

Annotated pages

Grammar, clarity, efficiency, cultural sensitivity/accuracy, story structure

Live Feedback

30min to 1 hour zoom session Reviewing your script and discussing annotations


If you allow me to pitch, I’ll give you my pitch for changes.
Take ’em or leave ’em.


With us, you’re one step closer to signing with a manager or a successful cold query to a studio. This is actionable counseling towards your career goals, on an affordable budget, or your money back. We can help you get your story on the page or guide you through the industry.