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Actionable and manageable notes on your latest screenplay or pilot. 

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From flushing out an idea to getting it on the page, we’ll help you take control over your career path and help you achieve your goals. 

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Grammar, clarity, efficiency, cultural sensitivity/accuracy, story structure.

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What people say

Masami’s notes were very professional... My biggest takeaway from your notes was how polished you they were about the structure of the script and not just the structure of story, or of the creative elements, but the literal structure of how you write a script. Your notes gave me a new level of confidence to share the script with other industry professionals.
This is helpful. I've shown the script to a few different people … but I think this is the first time that anyone's really taken a critical look at it and was like, ‘OK, if I'm going to actually make this into a thing’, these are the things that I would be looking for’. And all the critiques that you've given make sense and knowing at least that I have good set up and and semi-solid characters, that makes my short story writing even better.