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Master the Craft, Unleash Your Story: A Traditional Approach to Modern Success.

Your Path to Hollywood Starts with a Manager, Not an Agent.

You may think that an agent is your ticket to Hollywood, but the real key to unlocking success is finding a manager who believes in your unique voice and vision. That's where the Script Ninja program comes in.


In the Script Ninja program, you'll become an expert in the community you represent, enriching your stories with unique depth and authenticity. We'll help you hone your screenwriting craft, aligning your storytelling with Hollywood's marketable approach. It's more than writing; it's crafting scripts that resonate with industry professionals, attracting managers who can open doors to success.

Unleash Your Story, Unleash Your Potential

Script Ninja is more than just a writing program. It's a platform dedicated to empowering Asian American screenwriters and championing the richness and diversity of your stories. Whether you're a seasoned writer seeking to hone your craft, or a budding storyteller with a compelling narrative in mind, we're here to guide you on your path to success.

Fast-Track Your Screenwriting Career with Expert Guidance

Breaking into the film industry can be a challenge. Let us help you craft a screenplay that stands out. From flushing out an idea to finalizing it on the page, we're here to help you take control over your career path and achieve your goals.

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Screenplay Coverage

Actionable and manageable notes on your latest screenplay or pilot. 

1-Page Coverage ($75):

Get expert feedback on your script to understand our approach and insights.

Full Script annotations ($200):

Receive detailed, actionable notes on your entire screenplay or pilot, helping you to refine and improve it.

Script Review & Phone Consultation ($350):

After a full read-through, we’ll spend an hour on the phone with you, explaining our notes and answering your questions.

Why Script Ninja? Because Your Story Matters

Our program comes with a unique Asian American perspective. We won't question your Asian story, we want you to succeed and tell it authentically.

An Authentic Asian American Perspective

As the only Asian American Film School offering this service, we bring an unrivaled perspective. Our program is steeped in the richness of the Asian American experience, and we're proud to champion your authentic voice. We celebrate your unique cultural heritage and are excited to help you share your story with the world.

Get your idea on the page

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Kickstart your Career

From flushing out an idea to getting it on the page, we’ll help you take control over your career path and help you achieve your goals. 

Are you ready to take your screenwriting to the next level? Our Sensei Strategy booklet is packed with valuable insights and expert advice to help you succeed. From navigating signing with a manager to understanding the industry from features to television, our booklet can open your perspective. Sign up now to receive your free copy.

Pioneering Screenwriting for the 21st Century

Embrace the innovative marriage of human creativity and Artificial Intelligence in our unique scriptwriting approach. Harness the power of technology to elevate your screenwriting to industry standards and beyond, and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving landscape of screenplay creation.

Learn how to Write with A.I.

No A.I.? No Problem

At Strong Asian Lead, we truly believe in the unique magic that human creativity brings to screenwriting. Our program, designed before the release of AI language models, is dedicated to nurturing this human skill.

We offer a hands-on, deeply engaging journey into the craft of screenwriting that isn't algorithm-guided but is instead rooted in traditional techniques and real-world experience. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring writer, our program is here to help you create compelling, unique narratives that reflect your individual style, all without the need for AI.

Tailored Script Services

A Committed Partner on Your Journey

Our comprehensive program includes one-on-one coaching, manageable assignments, annotated pages, and a step-by-step screenwriting workbook. We believe in the power of your story and are dedicated to helping you craft it with precision, sensitivity, and authenticity.

Cultivate Your Craft, Realize Your Vision

Are you struggling to translate your brilliant idea to paper? Our program empowers you to overcome creative blocks, establish a productive writing process, and complete your draft with clarity and confidence. We are committed to helping you tell the story you want, the way you want.

Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching:

Every week, you’ll engage in a 1.5-hour session with a professional coach who will provide lessons and actionable feedback tailored to your unique needs​.

Manageable Assignments:

Strengthen your skills and speed with weekly deadlines designed to keep you on track and motivated.

Annotated Pages:

Our coaches review your work for grammar, clarity, efficiency, and cultural sensitivity, providing invaluable feedback that helps refine your writing style​.


We offer a comprehensive, step-by-step screenwriting workbook to guide your writing process for this and future projects​.r

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Masami’s notes were very professional... My biggest takeaway from your notes was how polished you they were about the structure of the script and not just the structure of story, or of the creative elements, but the literal structure of how you write a script. Your notes gave me a new level of confidence to share the script with other industry professionals.
This is helpful. I've shown the script to a few different people … but I think this is the first time that anyone's really taken a critical look at it and was like, ‘OK, if I'm going to actually make this into a thing’, these are the things that I would be looking for’. And all the critiques that you've given make sense and knowing at least that I have good set up and and semi-solid characters, that makes my short story writing even better.
I truly believe that there are so many people like me that are like, "I'm funny, I can write," true, but I didn't go to school for this and I don't have like the all the precise things that you have. You just gave me a semester of a writing class
Trina dong, screenwriter, asian american woman
Trina Dong
After your review and notes, I am confident that I have a working foundation to start with and which direction to move in in terms of my next draft. I gained writing skills and reading from an audience perspective so that I could become more detailed. I think deeper in character development and just overall grammar. Getting me to write and be inspired to do it and focus without getting into my own head.
Quyenzi Pham

Our notes depend on the level of coverage you select. Base level offers a 1-page thought sheet, while our premium service includes a detailed page-by-page analysis, suggestions for improvement, and a 1-1.5 hour Zoom call to discuss. We offer flexible, à la carte services to suit your specific needs.

My approach is straightforward, focusing on actionable steps to enhance your script. My feedback targets the way your story is written rather than the story itself, and I aim to give you insight into current industry trends.

My feedback can be highly detailed, with emphasis on improving the structural and grammatical aspects of your screenplay. The level of detail depends on the service you choose.

Yes, feedback is available at all stages of writing. We cater to both new writers and seasoned writers seeking representation.

Each service includes one round of notes, with the option to purchase additional rounds. The Blank Page to First Draft service is an exception, including continual rounds as we develop your story each week.

Our process involves refining your ideas into a detailed script. We’ll dissect your concept, identify missing pieces, and guide you in stretching your idea into a fully formed 60-90 page script.

Yes, we provide guidance on structure, character development, dialogue, and outlining, but only as part of our Blank Page program.

This service is coaching, not co-writing. We don’t take a percentage or own rights to your story, we’re here to help you improve. When you succeed, we simply ask for referrals.

Absolutely, our platform is designed to assist with screenplay formatting and industry standards.

You maintain all input and control, but expect unfiltered, experienced-based suggestions from us.

Yes, we offer phone consultations to answer questions and provide actionable improvement steps.

I am represented by James Smith at Aaron Kogan Managment and I was signed without having gone through any mentorship programs or fellowships.

I have almost a decade of scriptwriting experience, have received various accolades, and am ranked in the top 6% of Coverfly scripts to read. As an Asian American, I am passionate about helping fellow Asian Americans succeed in the industry and advocate for Asian representation.

Yes, we provide pitch preparation services and can advise you on attracting managerial attention.

We set deadlines together, but the onus is on you to meet them. This helps prepare you for professional deadlines in the industry.

We provide feedback and you handle the rewrite. For subsequent rounds of feedback, you can purchase additional services.

Our rates vary from $75 to $500 for coverage, and our Blank Page to First Draft service costs $1500. We believe in providing value for your money through dedicated, personalized service.

For ongoing support, you can purchase additional services. We strive to be a helpful resource even after service completion, offering answers to your questions and making referrals when necessary. Those who use our full-service program have priority when it comes to pitching opportunities.

No, I cannot directly get you a manager. However, I can provide tips on how to improve your skills and reputation as a writer so that managers take notice of you and seek you out.

I cannot directly connect you with financiers. However, I can assist with developing a strong logline to share with potential financiers. We do have partners who are looking for loglines and we often share the loglines of projects with them. Ultimately financiers will decide if they want to move forward based on the logline.

The first step is to book a free consultation call to see if you are a good fit for the program. This call allows us to assess your goals and experience to determine if the program can benefit you.

Why Strong Asian Lead?

We pride ourselves on being the only Asian American film school offering year-round screenwriting education tailored for the dynamic Hollywood film and television industry. Our focus extends beyond merely teaching the craft; we integrate cultural nuances and richness, essential elements often overlooked in mainstream storytelling, into our curriculum. This unique approach empowers our students to tell compelling stories that truly resonate with diverse audiences.

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