Turn your concept into a first draft in 10 weeks with 1-on-1 coaching. 

Staring at a blank page?

Many writers have an idea for a screenplay or TV show, but they don't know how to get it from their head onto the page.

Other writers feel stuck in the middle of their project and can't figure out where to start next; afraid of failing so they never even give themselves a chance to succeed.


Our program is designed to help you break through your creative blocks, develop a writing process, and finish your next draft with clear direction and actionable feedback.

We teach you how to write a script efficiently, develop a strategy, and set manageable deadlines.

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Write the story you want

We believe everyone can write a screenplay, and we’re here to help you write it, sell it, or produce it yourself. 

Become a Story Sensei

By becoming an expert about the community you represent, the stories become easier to write and enriched with depth that only you can bring to the story. 

We call this “The Sensei Strategy.”

Share you name and email with us and we’ll send you a booklet to learn more about our technique. 

How we Help you

1-on-on Coaching

A weekly 1.5 hour session going through lessons and feedback. 


Weekly deadlines to strengthen your skills and speed. 

Annotated pages

Grammar, clarity, efficiency, and cultural sensitivity.


A step-by-step screenwriting workbook for future projects.

Why Strong Asian Lead?

We hear too often from writers about feedback to white-wash characters or that “race doesn’t matter.”

We believe your heritage and culture are essential to writing characters who look and think just like you.

Race absolutely matters.

The sensitivity and respect that your individual identity deserves is valued here and we want to ask the deeper questions that only Asians would know to ask. 

We want to hear your story and see it on the big screen.

Three Asian Americans in three columns photographed artistically.

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