Sensei Screenwriting Strategy

Turn your story concept into a fully developed screenplay in 10 weeks.

Staring at a blank page?

Many writers have an idea for a screenplay or TV show, but they don't know how to get it from their head onto the page.

Other writers feel stuck in the middle of their project and can't figure out where to start next; afraid of failing so they never even give themselves a chance to succeed.


Our program is designed to help you break through your creative blocks, develop a writing process, and finish your next draft with clear direction and actionable feedback. We teach you how to write a script efficiently and effectively, support you in your process, and hold you accountable to finish your script by your deadlines.


Script development (10 weeks)

Whether you are in need of help overcoming writer’s block or just want the structure needed to write a compelling screenplay, this 10-week course will guide you from concept through fully fledged first draft for stronger storytelling.


We use the Sensei Strategy to get you to become the expert in a topic that you become the teacher and show Hollywood why they need you to write their next big project. This method explores who you are and hones in on what you already know, even if you don’t realize you know it yet. We find this to be a much more gratifying method of storytelling and career setting than having to cater to what you might think Hollywood wants from you.

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What you’ll receive

Tired of the draft-rejection-draft cycle, writers become discouraged to continue and lack the joy in writing. Does this sound like you or a friend?


Weekly virtual one-on-one coaching!


Weekly homework assignments.


A step-by-step screenwriting workbook for future projects.

Annotated pages

Grammar, clarity, efficiency, and cultural sensitivity.

Live Feedback

1-1.5 hour zoom session Reviewing your script and discussing annotations.


Access our mastermind of writers who take this training and get pitch feedback as you work on your project.


Have you ever taken a screenwriting class or listen to screenwriting podcasts? There are plenty out there, but we’ve never seen or heard of a screenwriting service tailored for the Asian Diaspora. We believe your heritage and culture are essential to writing characters who look and think just like you. We hear too often from writers about feedback to white-wash characters or “race doesn’t matter.”

Race absolutely matters.

The sensitivity and respect that your individual identity deserves is valued here and we want to ask the deeper questions that only Asians would know to ask. That’s why we know this program is necessary.

We want to hear your story and see it on the big screen.

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