Represent Asian American culture authentically and tap into Hollywood’s undiscovered audience.


When it comes to storytelling for a the American audience, you may already think that Asian stories are proving themselves to be a popular form of diverse content, but are you aware that the Asian American audience doesn’t connect with those stories? Representation means more than just seeing our faces on the screen, the context of the stories in which the characters live matters just as much. 

Americans of Asian descent are American, culturally and linguistically. Not all Asians come from Asia or have parents who are immigrants. Not all Asians can speak another language besides English. 


82% of Asian Americans subscribe to at least one streaming service as compared to 72% of the total population. As an audience that’s savvy in social media, with 84% of Asian Americans on social media daily (versus 75% total population, Asian Americans are fueling social engagement around their favorite programing. (Nielson, 2020)

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial or ethnic group in the U.S. At 22.6 million strong, Asian Americans have spending power that rose to $1.0 trillion in 2018 and is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2023, with a powerful long tail of younger and bigger spenders. Thus, over the next decade and well beyond, Asian Americans will offer an unparalleled marketing opportunity for businesses and brands. (Nielson, 2019)


If you’re convinced that the Asian American audience is worth looking into and now you’re wondering how to capture and captivate the largest ethnic audience in America, we want to help you get there.


Hear me out. Asian American Hollywood marketing is almost an oxymoron. Studio marketing departments quantify the budget for marketing by demographic, and because they see 7% of the audience, they don’t allocate budget for the demographic. Directors and Actors are being cut from budgets and projects aren’t being properly funded because marketing needs A-List directors or actors. Even A-List actors have trouble making their own movies.

Let me ask you, where do you how many Asian Americans in your marketing departments make big decisions in their role about who the target market is? Who in your circle of influence advises you on the Asian American market, and are they Asian American? Or are they Asian from Asia?

There are 80+ Asian American Media organizations, 40 Asian American Film Festivals, and a canon of over 200 Legacy and Award-winning artists who deserve to have their names remembered. Every day there is a new company. The content and demand is there. It’s up to the studios to invest in Asian American productions just as they would with other new filmmakers. You keep giving them bigger roles and paying them an equal and fair wage.


If these are the ones that leaked, what about the other instances that don’t?


Most studios rely on having a big name actor or a big name director behind the project, but when you look at big shows like Squid Games or Parasite, those creators were not big names before they launched. They had big captivating storylines and a big budget for production and marketing.

A-List Asian American Directors and Actors are far and few to come by. So if studios are only going to produce movies with “Oscar winning” storyteller, then very few will be made. New storytellers aren’t given the opportunity to build their credit in the industry. Everyday I hear about people looking for jobs, even after they’ve won awards.

Gotta look at it from the Asian American perspective. Strong Asian Lead can help you navigate the Asian American Market.

There are other ways to make incredible stories about and for Asian Americas, and studios need Asian American cultural producers to guide them into this market. And who better to help you see what we see than Masami?

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