STARZ #TakeTheLead Promotes Authentic API Representation w/ CAPE

STARZ #TakeTheLead Promotes Authentic API Representation w/ CAPE Written by Mas Moriya, Edited by ChatGPT In a landmark occurrence captivating the entertainment industry, STARZ, in collaboration with the Coalition of Asian Pacific in Entertainment (CAPE), orchestrated the much-anticipated #TakeTheLead Transparency Talk. This assembly of industry figureheads, policymakers, and advocates examined the critical importance of […]

Transcript: Amy Hill Interview

Amy Hill – Interview Transcript Masami Moriya: [00:00:00] Well, Amy, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. I’m super excited for this conversation, Amy Hill: Great. Okay. Masami Moriya: honestly, just here to hear you, your, your life story here. What you, you, you, come through over these years. I mean, […]

Transcript: Clyde Kusatsu Interview

Clyde Kusatsu – Interview Transcript [00:00:00] yeah, because I feel like there’s a lot of Japanese American culture is its own. It’s its own entity and I love it. And so getting connected with other people is really great. Clyde Kusatsu: Well, you know, the Japanese culture, it depends upon where you were born, you […]

Transcript: Tim Dang Interview

Tim Dang – Interview Transcript Masami Moriya: [00:00:00] You got a second to my questions, but let me go. Tim Dang: You have a, quite a set up there. What is that a road it’s a, this is just popping. Like this is a blue Yeti mic. Tim Dang: oh, okay. Masami Moriya: They’re pretty […]

Transcript: Guy Aoki Interview

Guy Aoki – Transcript [00:00:00] guy, you know, thank you so much for coming on the strong Asian legacies podcast. honestly, you’re one of the first persons, online that I had seen that got me into really thinking about the industry in something further, just like, becoming the next artist or doing something more. and […]

Transcript: Marilyn Tokuda Interview

Marilyn Tokuda – Interview Transcript Masami Moriya: [00:00:00] Marilyn, thank you so much for joining us on the strong Asian lead podcast. I’m so glad to have you on this, on this interview today because you know, we’ve had a conversation before and then you’re just sitting in a wonderful person to be so open. […]

Transcript: Jon Lee Brody Interview

Jon Lee Brody – Interview Transcript Masami Moriya: [00:00:00] Oh, right on, man. Well, again, thanks so much for coming on the podcast, taking some time. I know it’s been some weeks since we actually tried to get this going, but it’s good to have him in. Jon Lee Brody: Yeah, bro. That’s I would […]

Transcript: Bash Naran Interview

Bash Naran – Transcript [00:00:00] yeah. Well, thank you so much for just taking some time to talk with us right now. We’ll go straight into everything. but yeah, I really appreciate the time and, and I don’t get to talk to a lot of, look managers. There’s the Asian lit managers, who are doing […]

Transcript: The Stolen Children Lizzie Jacobs Interview

The Stolen Children – Lizzie Jacobs – interview transcript Lizzie Jacobs: [00:00:00] Hey guys, I’m Lizzie Jacobs. I’m the director on the stolen children. Phoebe Yung: hi. my name is Phoebe young and I’m one of the two producers on the stolen. Masami Moriya: Tell me in the audience about this project, tell us what […]

Transcript: Chris Naoki Lee – Interview

Chris Naoki Lee – Transcript [00:00:00] Masami Moriya: Okay. Well, Chris, thank you so much for joining us on the strong Asian lead podcast. you know, they’re following your work for a little bit, so I’m excited, really excited to have you here Chris Naoki Lee: No, I’m excited to be here Thanks for, you […]