Transcript: Genevieve Kang – Interview

Genevieve Kang – Transcript Masami Moriya: [00:00:00] Well, Genevieve, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. Uh, now it’s nice that, uh, your, uh, Morgan reached out to us and that put you on, so thank you so much for joining. Genevieve Kang: Yeah, I’m excited to be here. Masami Moriya: […]

Transcript: Justin Chon Interview

Justin Chon – Interview Transcript Masami Moriya: [00:00:00] Hey Justin. Justin Chon: Hey. Hey David, how you doing? Masami Moriya: I’m doing all right today. How are you feeling? Justin Chon: I’m good. I’m in the middle of a production, so is my day off. So I’m just trying to just survive. I’m sure you […]

Transcript: Katie Chang Interview

Katie Chang – Interview Transcript Masami Moriya: [00:00:00] So nice to meet you. Thank you so much for coming on the strong agent lead podcast and, you know, just joining us and talking with us today, Katie Chang: Yeah. I’m so happy to be here. Thank you. Masami Moriya: or I want to start off […]

Transcript: Microagressions

Microagressions – Interview Transcript Emi Lea Kamemoto: [00:00:00] you’re listening to strong Asian lead a podcast, exploring the Asian American landscape in Hollywood. I’m Emi Lea Kamemoto Masami Moriya: and I’m Dave and Maria this week on strong agent lead . We are talking about microaggressions and call in culture. What are the differences between […]

Transcript: Miki Ishikawa Interview

Miki Ishikawa – Interview Transcript Emi Lea Kamemoto: [00:00:00] Mickey, we first met you virtually in, in clubhouse, I believe. But I know that , David watched the terror. I have to admit, I did not only because a full blown wimp, cannot handle any stories with ghosts, but I watched every single trailer read […]

Transcript: Akemi Look Interview

Akemi Look – Interview Transcript Emi Lea Kamemoto: [00:00:00] You’re Listening to strong Asian lead a podcast, exploring the Asian-American landscape in Hollywood. I’m your cohost Emi Lea Kamemoto. Masami Moriya: I’m the other co-host David Moriya. And today we’re talking with Akemi look, she’s an actress. A writer and she’s so much more than […]

Transcript: Responsibility of Hollywood

Transcript: Responsibility of Hollywood Masami: [00:00:00] before we get into today’s episode I want to invite you to a free virtual table read. We are hosting with a group of writers and actors on Saturday, May 1st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific time. And it’s 100% free to attend online. We are however, […]

Transcript: Nancy Wang Yuen Interview

Nancy Wang Yuen Interview Transcript [00:00:00] Nancy Wang Yuen: Thanks for having me, David. Masami: we’ll get started in bit, we’ve been through this whole pandemic. We’ve gone through so much in life right now. obviously the shootings are terrible. I saw your article that came through after the Atlanta. how are you feeling? And […]

Transcript: Samantha Wan & Amanda Joy Interview

Samantha Wan & Amanda Joy Interview Transcript Masami: [00:00:00] Thank you so much for coming on this is so cool. I’ve watched your show. So I’m super excited. Samantha Wan: Ah, thank you so much for having us Masami: How are you both doing it’s been a wild year and things have been so great […]

Transcript: Jason Chu & Alan Z Interview

Jason Chu & Alan Z – Interview Transcript [00:00:00] thank you both for jumping on the podcast.I’d love to start out with the help of introduction. I’d love to hearwhere are you from? Where’d you get started and what got you into the music business. what’s up, everyone is great to be here. My name […]