It takes a team to move forward with a mission, and it takes a village to build a community. Thanks to these wonderful humans, this is the reason why Strong Asian Lead exists. 

Small Team Big Impact

We’re a very small team, and by small, we mean it’s just one full-time member. Meet Mas Moriya, the heart and soul behind Strong Asian Lead. Everything you see here, from our digital content to this very website, is brought to life by Mas’s commitment and vision.

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented third-party partners along the way. From time to time, we’ve also been supported by the selfless efforts of volunteers. Though their journeys with us often come to an end due to the nature of volunteering, their contributions never go unnoticed.

We operate without financial support, making our mission a labor of love. Everyone generously gives their time and talent without monetary compensation. We’re driven by passion, the pursuit of representation, and the will to make a difference.

We dream of expanding our team and enhancing our capacity. However, without funding, this remains a future goal. We always welcome new volunteers who understand that this work is about more than just play – it’s a commitment, it’s a cause, it’s about making an impact.

So here we are, a solo team with big dreams, hoping to make a difference in the world. We’re glad to have you here, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

This image features Mas Moriya, an Asian American and Japanese American filmmaker. He is pictured with a warm and engaging smile, standing in front of a vibrant yellow backdrop that complements his yellow hoodie, layered beneath a dark denim jacket. His casual yet thoughtful style, along with his personable demeanor, reflects the creative and approachable nature characteristic of his work and public persona.

Mas Moriya

Founder (He/Him)

Mas handles the day-to-day operations at SAL, upkeeps the website, sponsorship outreach, product design, social media, podcasting, and partner communications. 


A mixed japanese american woman with purple hair

Alex Chester-Iwata

Mixed Asian Media

Alex's support and guidance for Strong Asian Lead gives us the strength we need to build, grow, and connect.

Victor Kovalev & Anna Yuan

Platform Devs - Scale Growth

Victor and Anna are the founders of, which serves as our membership platform. Their robust system is what allows us to hold a database of information and a job listing platform.

Kathleen Lee standing in front of the Asian World Film Festival logos.

Kathleen I-Ying Lee

Logo Designer @ Fifth Atrium

Kathleen and her team designed the original gold mountain logo based off Mas' sketch design. They also designed other graphics of ours including the defunct Asian Film Network and Redress Radio.

Kree Laughing

Kree Pandey

Web Developer @

Kree designed the first iteration of the Strong Asian Lead website and continues to provide support. 

Emi Lea Kamemoto in a white shirt with straight hair, and Mas Moriya with a musctache in a black button up over a read shirt that reads, it's an honor just to be asian.

Emi Lea Kamemoto

Former Co-Founder of Strong Asian Lead, Emi is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant. Although she no longer is an active leader of Strong Asian Lead, her energy and values are apart of SAL’s core mission.