A Heartfelt Thank You for Making Our Picket Party a Resounding Success!

As we celebrate the end of a historically significant 147-day WGA strike, we want to express our deepest gratitude to each of you for standing in solidarity with us. Hosted at the gates of Netflix and the spacious premises of Emerson College, this event was more than just a gathering; it was a testament to the power of unity and meaningful dialogue.

Special Feature: Strong Asian Lead on Get Golden TV

We’re thrilled to announce that Strong Asian Lead was featured in a TV spot on Get Golden! A huge shoutout and heartfelt thanks to the Get Golden team and Yasmine Tanwidjaja-Pajares for making this possible.

Acknowledging Our Speakers and Hosts

A heartfelt thank-you to our esteemed panelists, Tracy Held and Parvesh Cheena, for their illuminating discussions. Emerson College, your hospitality gave us the perfect space to convene, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Gratitude to Our Sponsors & Collaborators

We are immensely thankful to:

  • Emerson College LA – For hosting use in your terrace. Special thanks to Tim Chang and Tatiana Barzaghi. 
  • Gold House: For financially sponsoring all the food and supplies. Shout out to Brian Nemes.
  • Pikunico and Aloha Cafe: For their delicious food and generous discounts. Shoutout to Kunico Yagi and CJ. 
  • Toybox Rentals: For their essential generator donation. Shoutout to Alex.
  • Liquid Death: For their water and tea donations. Shoutout to Joanna Angel.
  • Narra: For showcasing their unique beverages. Shoutout to Victoria Reyes and Miggy Reyes.
  • Makku: For their alcoholic rice beer donation. Shoutout to Rosemary Bang and Carol Pak. 

Our Committed Volunteers

We couldn’t have pulled off this event without our dedicated volunteers:

Shoutout to Gold Strike

A special note of appreciation to the Gold Strike for joining us on the picket lines. Your support amplified our cause.

To Our Attendees, Old and New

Whether you’ve been with us for a while or this was your first event, your presence was the soul of our gathering. We look forward to many more such gatherings in the future.

A Closing Note

Finally, to all who spent long, hot summer days picketing at the studios—thank you. Your dedication and resilience propelled this movement forward, and we owe this success to you.


Live Strong, Lead Strong.

Warm regards,
The Strong Asian Lead Team

Photos by Leslie Dam and Dylan Djoenadi