The White Paper

The purpose of this platform is to provide a tool for the independent filmmaking community, studios, marketing departments, and distribution companies to search for Asian American artists, talent, crew, and storytellers. Our goal is to connect the Asian and Asian American artists with each other and for the larger film, television, and theatrical entertainment industry to find Asian creatives primarily in the United States and Canada, but the platform has the potential to be used globally. One step at a time.

Asian Film Network is a tool for the entertainment industry we’ve built a robust platform that will give you the ability to connect with the Asian American community with a full database, but the only way we can make that database is if we have a community effort and trust to make that happen. When you sign up with your profile, you’re sharing information with us that will be shared with others. It’s a digital Yellow Pages (pun intended).

Among our various abilities of Asian Film Network, the prime feature of our platform is automated email announcements to members who choose to turn them on. Examples of this are Casting Calls to Actors, Crew Call to production, Open writing calls to writers, Script Submissions for studios, and Reel Showcases for Directors. Members of AFN will be able to turn off and on email notifications, as you feel is most appropriate for you. We want you to have a low-cost online tool that can help you get one step closer to a career in entertainment.

For those who are artists and dreamers, we want you to have a tool to find others in your area and who might speak a language and understand your culture in hopes that your projects will have full teams of people who look like you.

For Studios and Representatives, the goal of AFN is to help you find new scripts that interest you, artists, storytellers, actors, and directors who can lead your next project. We also invite you to visit film festivals and events by Asian Americans to find new projects for distribution.

For production companies, our goal is to help your staff and crew with your team who might have knowledge and expertise in specific cultures and speak a specific language. Ideally, we are global and have a network abroad.

We are a small team of developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs with a vision to build a better Hollywood. We would like to remind you that we are human and a small team with a big vision. Our team is open to constructive feedback in polite and sincere professionalism.

Asian Film Network is an online platform for a real-world community. We want this platform to be helpful for everyone. We are big dreamers, and we would like to remind you that we are a small team of humans building this on a shoestring budget. Please give us grace as we build. You may use this platform for as long as you are considerate of others and staying on topic.

As the admin of this platform, much like other community platforms, such as Meta and LinkedIn, this is a fully automated platform, and we only have control over the things we’re able to see on our end. If something looks off on your end or if you need to report anything, please do so at We can only do our best. We trust all of our members to be caring, compassionate, and community oriented (pun intended).